Hold on, Syria

Today, in the news, we watched footage of families dead in a village in Syria. The footage was bit blurry and dark as the cameraman navigate through their household but at one point, you could see the body of a woman in a hijab, head bent backwards, with a child barely more than a toddler on her chest. Then there were more footages of children’s bodies piled on top of each other. It was very painful to watch.

It reminded me of when I visited Cambodia and saw the aftereffects of the Khmer Rouge. Even decades after, the Cambodians are still affected by it. You can feel it just by being around them. I remember going to this field in Phnom Penh, where mass killings were held, and they showed the skulls found there. Skulls after skulls after skulls. And I thought this was in the late 1970s, where were we? Where were the rest of the world when this happened? Why did we not stop the genocide of millions – within ASIA! ASIA!

And, so the same thought came to me too. Yes yes, the politicians wants to find some sort of negotiaitons. peaceful ngeotiations. Scuse me, whilst you guys are talking, there are MILLIONS killed. This is the third year now (? am not sure, but I know it’s been going on for ages).

I laid my head down during sujud and asked for people in Syria to be protected and for their ease to come sooner. And for those who passed away to be granted Jannah, insyaAllah. But I knew there were more I could do. I can’t just sit here and pray. I had to DO something.

So, now at 00:15, I am looking around on ways to help all those refugees from syria, those displaced from their homes, those injured during the war, those children lacking a roof above their heads and above all, security. Short of wanting to physically be there myself (no passport, cannot do anything. Also cannot lug a toddler around), I’ve looked at various charities tending specifically for Syria. I’ve donated before but eons ago – and kinda forgotten about it to be honest. Well, not forgotten but the tragedy in syria is pushed at the back of my head. Forgotten in the daily living, so-called stresses that I have.

Now, I remember them again. And now, I have to do more. The question is what.

Spare some $$ for these people: Hand in Hand for Syria I clicked through the fundraiser pages and saw a 7 year old raising money. SEVEN year old. And also a 13 year old girl. MasyaAllah.

This is a long post by the 7 year old’s mum but the pictures down below of post made me cry. Joseph Swims

Excerpt from the boy’s Justgiving site: “I was watching Horrible Histories on the news and then I saw some Syrian people who were blurred out and I was asking my dad why. The answer was because they didn’t want bad people to see them and then kill them. So we decided to swim the English Channel for fundraising for Syrian people. We really want you to donate money for the Syrian children. We will visit the Syrian children once we’ve finished swimming the English Channel. The English Channel is England to France.”


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