Traveling with a kid


Back now from Edinburgh. We took the plane as I couldnt be bothered to drive the 5 hours or so there, being the sole driver (M is on night shifts).

It’s Zayan’s first time as a curious and inquisitive toddler aka inda pandai teranah. So all in all, this is what I’ve learnt re: travelling with a toddler:

1. Be organised. Have everything packed well in advance as the day of traveling may bring out ‘surprises’ (meltdowns) or just nasty leaky diapers just as you’re about to walk out the door. I use an app of packing things for Zayan called ‘Baby Pack & Go’. It has different lists that I’ve customised – most importantly, a list for long travels and a list for my hand carry bag.

(I also have Packing Pro that I use for M and me. I love lists.)

2. Before you go out of the door, make sure everything, EVERYTHING, is ticked from the list. And make a count of all the bags you’re bringing. Nothing is worse than having the baby’s bag left behind (which happened once to my friend when we went for a weekend trip to Cardiff).

3. Cut down the number of bags you bring as much as you can, especially for hand carry. I usually have two bags – Zayan’s travel bag and a backpack for me. I put in a smaller ‘jalan-jalan’ bag in the backpack, for when we arrive at destination.

4. Have snacks handy for when kids are hungry or need some sort of entertainment. Perhaps not the best Parenting advice but hey, this is a holiday right? Anyway, airports mark up their prices on food, so better to bring your own food. I had these handy food packets in the bag and his fruity oaty bars for when he’s hungry and we haven’t settled in a restaurant/place of destination.


5. Have toys and books at hand esp if your kids are like mine and cant sit still. I managed to travel without having to show him a single youtube video (this didnt apply when we were in the apartment and my parents and brother kept showing him Elmo videos). But anyway, whilst in the taxis and plane, I made do without the help of Elmo *pats self in back*

Instead he entertained himself with:
1. Empty plastic bottles
2. looking and taking pictures with our camera (Well, I took the pictures…)
3. his penguin bottle that has a straw in it *maybe he feels like a big boy drinking with straw*
4. ‘reading’ and then throwing down the flight’s safety manual
5. Climbing up on me and peering back to other passengers (who played with him, yay)
6. ‘singing’ songs with me
6. and the saviour of all ….. stickers that i bought at the airport. He loved sticking it EVERYWHERE.

Anyway gtg, continuation later…maybe…

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May 28, 2013 · 11:09 am

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