Edinburgh Marathon

Currently stressed out about something. Heard some news that struck me hard and may or may not change my (and M and Zayan’s) lives if it doesnt go my way. Sounds cryptic but cant really divulge cos 1. its too complicated and 2. I cant be bothered.

So as for now, I’m going to smile and carry on our holiday in Edinburgh.
Oh yes, did I
not mention that we’re in Edinburgh? Minus M – which sucks
big time but a man gotta earn $$ and do his night shifts.

I’m here with my brother and parents. Big Bro 3 is running the FULL marathon today. Hats off to him for going for it, esp with his previous injury to the knee. InsyaAllah it will be ok and he wont get swept in by the sweeper bus (who picks up the slow runners and tell them to stop if they’re too slow and doesnt finish in time). My sis in law, her nieces and my nephew is here jua – she ran the 10k yesterday. Jealous ada jua – its been awhile since I’ve ran competitively and miss the adrenaline and the excitement of it all!

Weather has been brilliant and sunny here, which is very welcomed alhamdulillah. In Brighton, it was so gret and rainy and cold that it was depressing. I wanted a beach holiday! Kesian M lah – sekalinya sunny, he has to work tia.

I’m starting to read again, with my kindle and kindle phone app (kindle phone app awesome! used whenever i forgot to bring the kindle when jalan2). It feels so nice to read again. I havent picked up a book that is not medically related for a very very long time. It has sparked off the part of my brain that is not ‘wife/mama/dr’. Now I have thoughts! and ideas! and some more thoughts!

InsyaAllah, will write in about what’s been in my head recently – namely the book that I’m reading title Love, InshaAllah. And this awesome blog I found eons ago on tips of traveling with kids written by a stewardess (so she knows the ins and outs y’all).

Ok as for now, Ta!

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