Connecting those around us

So in case you guys havent read/watched the news, there was a guy that got murdered in broad daylight by two ‘muslim’ men in Woolwich, London yesterday.

These men are thought to be of from some radical Islamic movement. Anyway, the point is I’m going to use the connotation ‘muslims’ because whilst they loudly proclaimed Allahu Akbar after doing it (and speaking to the camera afterwards – SICK!), it is by no means what Islam teaches us.

Did the Prophet dismember an unbeliever out of the blue? Of pure hatred? Yes there were wars but there were wars with rules. No involving women and children for one thing. And the most important thing of all, he ENGAGED with them first. He spoke to them and discussed with them.

Anyway this is not the point of this post. I’ve been thinking – now there’s a backlash to the muslim community in general here in the UK. Some mosques in london got attacked and some people may get more racist abuse. And from following facebook feed, I am glad to know that my muslim friends at least have not gotten all defensive. A crime is a crime ok, whether it be in Woolwich or Syria or Palestine. And yes the media portrays more of killings in the West but a human killed is a human killed. There is no less of a life value wherever you are. Dont justify that ‘oh well muslims in syria and palestine etc gets killed as well….’. Imagine if the person killed in London or at the boston bombing is your dad/mum/brother/sister/child…. will you also think of it like that? Just hold your words and spare some thought for the grieving family.

Second point – instead of being all defensive, shouldnt we think of what we can do to help. To prevent this from happening. There was one wise imam from the US who said that we need to reconnect with the youngsters – from the imams to the parents to the elders to the youngsters. We need to reconnect. And this doesnt just apply to some dudes with radicalised ideas but also to all the youngsters out there who may or may not be on the verge of deviating. Who may or may not follow the wrong social circles and take drugs instead. Who decided that having sex as a teenager is a good idea. (Of course having sex outside marriage for us is a no no whatever the age but teensters and the older young ones are at that experimental vulnerable age)

We need to reconnect, somehow.

Lotsa love, me

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