Exam over and out

Ok, ok, I know…I havent posted in awhile! Blame it on the exam, which took my body and soul and attention that should have been thwarted to my son and husband. 

Anywayyyy, I sat for the exam which was quite hard. The first paper (each paper being 2.5 hrs) was not too bad, I could answer most of them and made some ahem educated guesses for the others. 

Had lunch at Prezzo (yummy pizza!) as it was the closest to the exam centre and we only had 1 hour to spare. Perhaps a big lunch wasn’t so good. I was sleeeppyyyyyy come the second paper. I think I might have slept for a few seconds and woke up when the examiner walked past me. Oo-err! Anyway, I persevered and there were more guesses, this time random uneducated ones!

I guess tawakal saja how it goes. Results in 6 weeks. So 6 weeks of freedom before I may have to face the books again. HU-WAAAAA! 

On a positive note, I was lil worried the day before of where to pray. The exam was held at a hotel in sheffield and usually hotels manada prayer room kan. And I won’t have time to go back to Leicester and pray Zuhur. After the exam though, I asked the receptionist if there was an empty room for me to pray. “only for 5 minutes…” dengan muka kesian and innocent ku. He looked a bit perplexed but got me a room. This malaysian girl happened to stand near me, about to make conversation, when she heard I’ve got a room to pray. So yay, we got to pray together. Alhamdulillah. 

There was this ceramah once where the speaker said not to worry about where to pray and cemana kan pray especially when travelling. Ya cakap if niat ada and we stick to it, insyaAllah disenangkan our actions. 

Which reminded me about  a time when my friends and I went travelling around Europe. My friends ani so good, dimana saja durang sembahyang. And I really mean dimana saja. Even on a quiet alley or at the back of a building durang sembahyang. One time we decided to ambil wudhu at a restaurant nearby. It looked nice and clean and we asked if we can use the toilets. There was 7 of us, trying to ambil wudhu. When we came out, the waiters came to one of us…. I was scared then kami kana marah or halau kah. Rupanya the waiters are muslims and asked if we wanted to pray. So they cleared some room at the back of the restaurant (kinda looked like a storage room) and gave us some kain to pray on. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. 

Anyway, soon more posts on activities to come. I’m off for next 2 weeks! And there’s places to go, more food to eat! 

Love, me

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