Sunny days in the park

The weather has been so so lovely lately! Soo i couldnt resist going to the park last few days!


Park with Sarah

She’s so funny. She’s the only white person I know who’s scared of and dislikes dogs! She had major heart attack when a dog approached us (aku phobia jua but had to maintain cool). I saw the dog coming and so picked up Zayan for a calm and collected getaway. She insisted on picking up our empty bottle and almost finished packet of apple strudel (that the dog was finishing). I told her that I brought the wrong friend to go to the park – SHE was supposed to protect me!


Dinner Picnic – this was around our housing complex. There’s a greenery patch where kids play around. M has NEVER been there before despite us living here for almost 3 yrs! (3 yrs in 3 mths woot woot!)

Unfortunately he stepped on a glass WHILST kaki ayam. I couldnt help but automatically say ‘I told you so!’ (cos zayan ran away mid-dinnet barefoot and I told him to put Zayan’s sandals on just in case theres glass. And he was like ‘its okkkkkk…..’) See!

He went to hospital after to
get a tetanus jab. Cos yknow, that glass could have anything in it.


This was me playing nurse to clean and put dressings on his around 1 cm wound. (He went all drama about it) Took out our lil bag of first aid and of course. Zayan couldnt resist mengacau. I wanted to teach him the right way of using forceps but he won’t let me.

Take note: The nurse in hospital was impressed with his clean wound and dressings. I asked if he told her it was his wife’s doing and ya cakap ‘no, the opportunity didnt come up to say it.’ (what what?!)


Park – again! This time with the bruleics people. Who I only knew a handful (ok so i only know 3 of them and theyre all really really really young) … Zayan got overwhelmed with the attention and nangis but warmed up in the end.


So Asian. Ambil gmbr everywhere!

And today….. We were gonna go to the fun fair but saw this really cool big playground instead. So I camped and studied whilst he and Zayan checked the place out.


Big mouth! Must say – I love his colours! #tryingbesttodressaboy #girlsoutfitsareprettier


Kite flying – FAIL!

And to end this post….
Random pic – Zayan’s new activity:

(Attempting to ) Pakai kasut


Enjoy your day peeps.

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May 6, 2013 · 5:25 pm

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