The truth in a relationship

There’s a TV show now where they interview couples about the ins and outs of their domestic life, their relationship and *gasps* sex life. It’s actually pretty funny and brave too of the couples!! Some are very honest as well, which makes it fun to watch. Here are what some are saying and M/I agree with:

1. Girls shed a lot of hair. Like, a lot. M does not like this. Esp since 99% of our house are carpeted. So my hair is stuck on the carpets and accumulates. And then kalau sembhyang, buleh ilang khusyuk cos you’re focused on the strand of here and there. Anyway apparently I am not only girl with this problem YAY!

Found it funny when the men in the show says they keep finding hair everywhere. “In my collar… inside my socks… on the sink… under my nose…”

2. Men do the DIY more than women.

Let me just say that before living with M, I was perfectly capable of moving furnitures, changing light bulbs, painting and tinkering on the lil bits and pieces that needs doing in my house. Except for constructing my own furniture. I somehow manage to get my guy friends to do it HAHA. (But they love doing it! So why not give them that pleasure…)

So anyway, M loves getting his hainda dirty doing DIY and do a great job doing it…so just leave it to him πŸ™‚ Plus he always gets annoyed first when something doesnt work. Whereas I can live life with the malfunctioned item with more tolerance than him.

3. Your partner may have a ‘system’ or certain particulars they like to stick to.

There’s a woman on the show who seems OCD about certain things. Like when they go grocery shopping, she has a system. The stuff they buy have to be put in certain places in the trolley. Her partner said it’s like playing a game of tetris. They have to fit in nicelynand a certain way, all before paying.

This is SO like M!! If I put for example the fruit at the veg section of our trolley, he’ll move it. And I always just simpan mana saja. Like messily put it in. But no! This is wrong! All drink cartons must be vertically upright for example. hehe. I love him really but I can find ways to mess up his OCD system.

I can’t remember what else they’ve talked about but here are some of the things M and I do/are like:

1. He almost always throws the rubbish out but it would be me who empties Zayan’s nappy bin.

2. He thinks I like the leg bit of the chicken and always give them to me. In turn, I should be giving him his fave part (Lupa namanya) but I sometimes ‘forget’ and eat it instead. He he he.

3. I get upset when he eats my dessert/food but what’s his is mine. (the is no logic or justice in this, get over it.)

4. He sleeps on the right side of the bed . We’ve tried changing it but it felt weird.

5. Our wardrobe consist of more than 3/4 of my stuff hanging. It started out as my clothes taking just bit more than half but now It looks like I’ve almost taken over.

6. He has dry wax and finds it hard to take it out and annoys him so much. So I have to see if I can see any wax and take it out. 98.5% fail rate and always seems to hurt him – I dunno why he keeps asking me.

(On the other hand, I have nice wet wax and so easy to take out. My dad used to have the honour of kurik my telinga. Mmm so nice to have it done esp when watching TV….. M does it now but He likes to go deeper and takutku jadinya.)

LOL ok the last bit may be TMI!

Gnyts all πŸ™‚

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