Revision time

13 days to exam time.

Difficult to study properly with Zayan around. He either wants my attention every so often or I HAVE to give him attention as he is climbing places he shouldn’t/taking things out of drawers/etc. Also, he DEMANDS the laptop and so I cant use it in his presence.

This is how he looks like when told not to use the laptop.


*rolls eyes*

When he does take a nap, I want to take a nap too! (Hey, I wake up early at 6 am okeh…. kalat mata, sakit kepala masih pagi2 unless take a nap)

And then when he’s finally asleep and we’ve had dinner, it’s 9 pm and I *yawn yawn* try to *yawn yawn* study. And mata makin barat and kepala makin sakit. Unless I start clicking on random websites…. like surfing looking at bags *du bi du bi du* Tarus tebangun ehhhh.


Ganbatte me!

Ps. Whenever I fall asleep with Zayan during our morning naps, he usually wakes up first and proceed to give me one kiss on the nose (with sound effect of lips pursing). Heart melts!

PPS. But if I continue to be half awake/asleep, he’ll take my phone and throw on my face. Aggghhh.

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