An angry mummy

Aghhhhhh I posted a lengthy post but got deleted.

Proper post of being an angry mummy later.

Edited post

I hate being angry at Zayanino. It’s different when disciplining but when emotions and stress levels run high, the anger feels disproportioned and less controlled if you like.

Yesterday I had to drop off Zayan at Aita and was already running late. Then he poo-ed before we left – ok not his fault. It leaked out of his clothes (sigh!) – again not his fault. So had to change him but it was not an easy and smooth process. There was a lot of escaping involved AND ensuring he DOES NOT TOUCH HIS WILLY. His poo stained willy i might add. Of course despite being warned and told not to, he managed to do it anyway and quickly touched his piano toy (which was used as distraction) with his contaminated fingers. This resulted in mummy being angry and telling him off.

He was quiet after and gave half hearted hug before I left him. Kids are pretty forgiving people. I havent seen him after since he was asleep when I came back home yesterday. I’m sure he’ll be back to his normal self when I see him later.

But still I dont like being angry to him. And I dont want him to think raising voices when angry/upset is a done thing. Sigh insyaAllah I’ll control my anger more next time.

For now, photos of new addition to the family and impromptu visit to the park.





His cheeks reminds me of the cartoon Shin Chan. Shin Chan Zayan!

Love, me


April 19, 2013 · 4:28 am

2 responses to “An angry mummy

  1. Fadlina

    You n M look totally alike! Im sure im not the only one who’s said that. Anyways! I remembered when i was still pregnant, there was this one time when arani just wouldnt stop whinging n crying n i totally lost it. I actually screamed ( like really screamed, but of course muffled it with a pillow) and once i was done, we sobbed together. I said sorry to her n that i wasnt upset with her n we fell asleep together after that. I actually felt better the next day ( after letting off the steam maybe?). Duno what my point is, but i guess we do lose our cool in front of the kids once in a while, n thats ok… Just maybe not in front of people.

  2. Hi Fad! Awwh thanks for that. Nice to know that we can go psycho mad once in awhile. Bar hitting of course. Haha and yesss not in front of other people…karang kana panggil social services disini pulang. ps. yes people have said we look alike! A good sign, I take it 🙂

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