Wordless Wednesday

This will be a picture post cos I have no writing mojonat the moment. Constantly have headaches, maybe just not enough sleep. Going to sleep at 1 am and waking up at 6.

Anyway, recap of this week:

I went all Edwards Scissorhand on Zayan’s hair when he waa happily playing in the bathtub. Aka not moving much. But then cut it too short and whilst you cant see it here, there were uneven patches all around. Oops! Tried rectifying it when he got out of the bath but he was having none of it by then. Woke up the next day and the cold morning light made it look not too bad. He looks more like a toddler boy now!


Just to remind you how his old hairstyle looked like:


Anyway, what else?

Went to a wedding:


Shiuly and I go way back, flatmates circa 2009-2010. We lived in the hospital accomodation, Shiuly, me, Angus and Rogan. Shiuly and I were the house officers, laughing and ranting our way through the year. Angus was the workaholic orthopaedic SHO who was always in scrubs and in theathres (either that or doing necessary stuff like sleeping and eating). Rogan was the paeds SHO but left us halfway as he got married. The two guys were always oncall though, so most of the time it was Shiuly, me and Mike and Kerry, two other house officers who lived the corridor opposite. Fun times! Was actually fun living in hospital accomodation as there were a few of us and we would hang out often to combat the boring life in in the small town of Kettering.

Anywayyyyy Shiuly’s now married!!! Quite exciting and would love to meet the happy couple properly. Havent seen her much ever since she has left the midlands 2 years ago!

(Note the wedding went on for 4-5 hours and it was just me and him. By the end of it, I felt quite shattered and he was in need of a nap)

That evening, we went to a paeds team dinner:



Had to leave early though at 8 pm cos it was getting ‘late’ and the lil one was starting to get crazy hyperactive (a sign he needs his sleep).

Also note the huge plate of crispy duck. Drools. Couldnt eat it though cos it aint halal. Stop drools.

Oh, my brother came over this weekend and entertained the boss:


And Nawfa (my sis in law, who has been here for a week now) and I went to town in the weekend. I’ve packed Zayan’s old clothes and bought him new shirts since there’s only a handful left that fits him. Of course we couldnt resist dressing him up.



I was also tempted to get some converse trainers but am not too sure now. I looked so young wearing it!


ok not so much a wordless post!

Over and out,

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