Easter weekend approaching

Easter weekend this Friday! I still dont get what Easter Sunday is all about and what chicks, eggs and chocolates have to do with it.

What it means for us Easter-illiterate issssss FOUR DAY WEEKEND. (Five for me!) Well actually I’m working the dreaded postnatal/neonatal shift on Sunday but STILL!

Plus M’s exam is tomorrow so we can celebrate his freedom.

What should we do? Where can we go in this winter-like weather?

Ok here’s what i think.
Friday: Recuperate day for M.

Saturday: Family day out. Harry Potter studio? Or just go local to have nice lunch out and visit 360 play? (nyanyat main!) Date night maybe?

Sunday: Work. pah!

Monday: To Birmingham to visit SIL who is heavily pregnant (36weeks) and. can pop any second now (she’s having twins).

Tuesday: If we dont go date night on sat, then date on tues. Lol pandai2 plan withour husband. Sokay, I give options and he vetoes or agrees. (Cos I tend to disagree with what his ideas. I love you sayang!)

Ok early day tomorrow. M is in Sheffield now, where his exam would be. Usually he sends Zayan to Aita as he diesnt have to do the one hour commute and I usually leave and he wakes. So tomorrow I have to get to work and leave the house at 6.45 am latest. Yawn.

Night night!

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