My endless search for the perfect (changing) bag

I know, I know, I said I won’t be buying bags for another few months. This resolution was made in the new year. I think 3 months of no new bags is not bad, no? Actually, I haven’t bought a new bag for …. *scratches head* ….. *asks husband* …… *he doesn’t remember when* …. AT LEAST 22 months, ie. since I got pregnant and had Zayan. That’s like almost 2 years. The last bag I remember buying is when I got married, which is *trying to remember anniversary date* 2 years and 6 months ago.



I’ve been looking at bags.

First I got tempted with the Cambridge Satchel bags.

Then I thought, realistically, I don’t bother with handbags nowadays cos I carry zayan’s changing bag and there’s just too many things to carry – zayan, my bag, his changing bag. So, I thought…why not buy a nice bag that I can use to put zayan’s stuff in as well. The best thing is that we carry less stuff for him now. Funny how the smaller in size a baby is, the more stuff you gotta bring for them (or the more stuff you think you have to bring JUST IN CASE).

I quite like this. Although it’s white. I’m not good with white. Zayan and me = stains galore. But it can be used in a nice restaurant situation kinda thing.


I wanted the pink version of this but M is not a fan of it. I quite like this. Plus apparently it’s lightweight. But will I get bored of the colour?


Ok, basically I want both bags! It fits for different occasions!

Bini2 tah banar.

Love, me


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4 responses to “My endless search for the perfect (changing) bag

  1. S

    I ❤ the cambridge satchel and I think you should buy yourself one for your birthday… just because!! 🙂

    • awwhh syaz!! (I am guessing its you!) Aku sudah leave my temptation for a cambridge satchel but now I am revisiting the website. Your fault! hehehehe. Is it big dalamnya though? how big is yours? Aku ani suka simpan banyak barang dalam bagku…. and also barat kah? hehehehe. I like light bags.

  2. S

    I have the 13″ satchel… not much room lah to be honest cos leather nya lagi stiff kan… but i can fit my stuff from my everyday bag inside the bag, ganya misti susun bisai bisai hehehe!! but dont let that stop u from getting one!!!

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