Toilet break, STAT!

So, I went out last night *party music ON* without M or Zayan. It must be the third or fourth time I’ve been out with friends, just me flying solo without le family, since I’ve had a bebe.

Anyway, there was an impromptu dinner with workmates. Being a part-timer (ie I work 3 days a week and half of my oncalls), I dont feel as close with my workmates as I used to and I feel left out/ketinggalan with the work gossip/happenings. We had a revision session after work – which I’m organising (more on that later) – and decided the day before to go out with colleagues after that.

Not to sound like a medic geek, I really enjoyed the revision session. Maybe because when you have an enthusiastic teacher and teaches it in such a way that makes sense and memorable, it makes things so easy to understand and sink in.

Ok, ok, back to the dinner. There was four of us – aside from me, there was a Msian Indian girl, Indian girl and Japanese-German guy (I know!). Internationals, hooray! It was quite nice, talking about where we would like to be in 10 years time (still in UK or not…Chinmayi – the Indian girl- and I immediately said ‘back home!’), about our backgrounds and families and just nice to chillax without talking about work or have to pick up food thrown down by Zayan.

One thing that cracked us up was when Sacha (Jap-German guy) said “We have the wrong end of the deal guys. There’s people out there earning more money than us….” We nodded. “…. having more of a social life…” Uhuh, yup. “…. and don’t feel guilty if we want to take a lunch break or go to the toilet…”

HA HA so true! Unless things are so monotonously boring and nothing to do, lunch breaks are short. 30 mins tops. And wolfed down as fast as you can and squeeze in praying time whilst at it (not together at the same time of course). And as for toilet breaks, not that I feel guilty but I do tend to delay going to the toilet, thinking “I’ll go after this blood test or after typing this letter or after I see this patient” and one thing after another, and next thing you know, you’re desperate to let it out come handover time.

I was reading Rano’s website about the Earth hour and how DJs are vowing to do some stuff if we pledge to be kinder to the environment. I supported DJ Daffy’s call to run 12 km (or is it 10?) non stop. Doncha like to help speed someone’s misery? Hehe. So I checked out their instagram @kristalfm and it made me think of how FUN their workplace is. And there’s a lot of sitting, I like that. And pretty sure you can have food around whilst you work. AWESOME SAUCE.*

Ok, enough jabbering. I’ll try not to whinge too much about work. Especially since I am seriously thinking of going back to full time in a few months time (I love you zayan, dont forget your mama).

Pledge for the DJs!

Lotsa love, me

*AWESOME SAUCE is a reference to a line in the show Parks and Recreation. It’s supposed to be ‘I love you’ but I’ll use the term here as a show of how much I would love those working conditions.

**Revising my exams and therefore organising revision session. It is a lot of work!

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