Things you learn as a parent

Read this article and I kept nodding and smiling at how true it is. I feel like telling those whoever’s pregnant some of the stuff in there, just to embrace whatever they have at the moment. But it’s like starting work as a house officer (aka intern). It’s not until you actually do it that you realise how tough things are.

Like sleep. Ahh sleep. Even though Zayan sleeps from 8 pm to 6 am, he does wake up one or two times in the night – where I sing/pat him to sleep or give him a feed. I don’t think I’ve slept as properly or fitfully as I’ve ever been pre pregnancy. Or I would wake up feeling guilty for leaving Zayan with my husband but it’s ok. I tag team with M – He has a lie in the morning and I have some sleep in the afternoon. And when I say ‘lie in’ or ‘sleep’, I mean AT MOST 2 hours of sleep without disturbance. Or I would wake up realising I have yet to do other things – house chores, cooking… and then having to cram it all in AND have zayan wanting my attention during this time.

I guess it’s my fault too. I usually go to bed at midnight. Mostly because I have to cram in all other things I can’t do when he’s awake. Like going on the Net. Reading. Have a peaceful time with my cuppa tea.

I didn’t realise how much I love sleep until now.

I like this bit the most:

“I sometimes think babies’ cries are so grating, their sleep so erratic, and breastfeeding so painful just to harden up parents. If you can survive the first few months of Baby Boot Camp without losing your mind, you can survive anything—you’re like a superhero. Because, really, the first few months are hell if you enjoy sleeping, showering, and functioning well.

Others told me it was hard. But it’s impossible to truly convey just what it’s like to wake up at night every two hours for several months. Or try to calm a baby who’s screaming inconsolably. Or deal with your body now being three sizes bigger than it used to be (graciously, this happens to dads as well as moms). Or struggle with not feeling like yourself for not just months but maybe even years.

The other thing to know, though, is that as bad as it gets, you’ll get through it. (Just don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if you suffer from post-partum depression.) There are blissful, amazing moments during that period too, and, after enough time passes, you might even think back wistfully on this period and even be crazy enough to go through that torture again.”

Other things – like having less date nights with the husband or not being able to just get up and go watch a movie and not care what time I come back home or even my travelling days – I do miss them from time to time but I feel like I had a grand time doing those things. I’m happy with the adventures I had as a single lady. I realise those days are of another era, and my friends and I, M and I, are in another era. And that’s ok. Because I know all the travelling and watching movies and having date nights will come back again InsyaAllah. For now, I’m happy being there for my boy.*

Ok, headache. Should sleep early tonight.

Love, me

*Then again, time away with just husband and me or some ‘Me time’ is very crucial, I find!!

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