Picture post

Too tired and mentally blocked to write a proper post. So this will be a picture post.

What’s been happening lately?

This was a month ago I think. Went to Oxford to visit my Headington friend Sehr. It’s awesome how we’re still friends after so long (12 years and counting). Headington, med school, working – and we’re still in contact!


Went to Headington school as well for reminiscing purposes and see the teachers. But we forgot that it was half term! The school was open for some holiday camp but no teachers to say hi to!


In biology class. Still looked the same bar the hi tech laptops lying around!


This was a scheduled date night with M. We went to Cedars, a lebanese restaurant that we went to on our first date. It was dead when we went the first time but pretty lively and had more customers than the last time we went there. There was a belly dancer too so I dont know if thats why cedars has picked up! Belly dancer was wee bit flabby, which made viewing slightly uncomfortable – but she invited some diners to dance… that was entertaining! (M cakap cringeworthy though haha!)


Food was gooooddddd. Grilled lamb and chicken wings and good hummu!

About 2 weeks ago, my in laws came to visit. As usual that consisted of plenty of food: Dinner by M – Grilled spicy moroccan chicken and sweet potato stew. Dessert brought by le family – Pavlova cake, Krispy Kreme donuts and thornton chocs. Life is good Alhamdulillah. Of course that meant we became slobs and just sat around chatting the whole night.

My sis in law and I.

Zayan and his dada in almost matching outfits the next day.

The next day, after the family left, we met up with Cally and other people from med school. So nice to see Cally! She has now abandoned ua to move to sunnier Brighton and its seaside. So sad. (I hope you’re reading this Cally and feeling just slightly bad for abandoning me)


Hope to see her in summer! Gives us an excuse to visit Brighton – have never been there!

M’s friend, Nasir, popped by one night to give this awesome Man Utd Onesie. Zayan clearly loves it! Pushing footie loyalty at an early age! Actually he said he bought one for when zayan was newborn but left it for so long before giving it to us (he lives in Manchester now). So he bought a new one for zayan. Thanks Uncle Nasir!


This is just a pic of Zayan’s reaction whenever he doesnt get what he wants. clearly I know how to handle it – take a picture! Usually I just ignore him and he’ll stop crying. Or distract him with something else. Sekali senyum lapas atu – tipu lah zayan!


Then just last weekend, Sehr and Sarah came to visit. They hijacked my phone and laptop and now there’s more than plenty pics of Sehr, Sarah and zayan posing for the camera!

We went to Bradgate park. Was such a sunny nice afternoon. This deserves a whole post of its own!


And just two days ago, M’s friend Shareef and his wife came to visit from US. And clearly Shareef is trying to make up for lost time! (This is the first time he met Zayan)




And today…. today Zayan woke up early as normal. I’m going to work the evening shift so I can chillax in my pajamas in the meantime.

Ada saja kan dikacaunya and berusah awal pagi. *yawns*


Two things – realise I dont take as much pics of myself and M now. And also feel so lucky and blessed to have great friends around, who has been very kind and give pressies to Zayan.

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