Being a kid again

Posted this pic up on IG (which btw I think I’m addicted to now erks):


With the caption:
I love my job. I get to have stickers and put it on my essentials. #lovekids #lovebeingakid

It’s a no brainer – you gotta love being around children to do paeds. Or at leaat not hate/despise/feel scared of being around them.

The things that I also love about my job:

1. The paeds wards are always colourful and have nice cheerful displays on the wall. Even if it’s the same pirate and monkey pictures that I see on the corridors every day at work, its better than just your usual hand hygiene poster.

2. There are always toys about. Easing and building rapport with my patients, esp the lil ones, are essential before anything else. And what better way to do this than by playing with them? Love!

Once during a ward round, we couldnt find one of the patient, only to find him (he’s 5 or 6) in the play room playing wii with dad. They were playing bowling and the consultant decided to have a go and played with him. Got bit competitive even! One of the moments where I go ‘this is why paeds is awesome, paeds ward round are much more fun!’.

3. Cuddles and hugs
We dont get it often. But when we do, it feels nice.

There was an infant (around 1 yr+) who was held by mum and mum was standing up talking to consultant. Inda semana2, kid stretched out his hands to consultant and consultant took him in her arma and held him throughout consultation/

4. The smiles
Kids smiles are innocent and so genuine. Heart warmer!

5. Awesome colleagues
Certain specialties attract people of similar personalities for eg surgeons may have tendency to be super confident amongst other things. Paeds ppl are usually a friendly bunch and approachable, you have to be I guess to interact with kids. Even if there’s a male colleague that seems more reserved or stroppy, when they interact with the kids, they have a friendlier persona.

Anyway I’m doing nights next week. Next post is prob why I hate my job really. Hehe.

Happy national day my fellow bruneians!

Love me

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