At 14 months

I felt hoemsick a lot more two days ago. I was looking at my rota and realised that the earliest we can go back is in June. June! Firstly, that’s 4 months away. Secondly, I really really want to go back in August for Eid – we can’t go back the first week as it would be induction week for us but I am really really hoping to go back at some point that month. Sooo if we want to go back in August, we can’t go back in June. That’s too close a time gap 😦 I think I sobbed intermittently the whole night that night. I felt even more sad thinking how much my family is missing out on Zayan growing up, all these new things that he’s learning and new tricks that I wonder where he learns from. I put up pics on IG/FB so that my family can see them, can know more about him even if just through pictures.

The other day, I said to M – “Sayang! Zayan is 13 months today!” Only for him to refute it and say that ACTUALLY he’s 14 months old now. Oops! My bad maths!

…..14 months! 14 months! I can’t believe how time flies. It’s amazing how babies/toddlers change in just a few months, how exponential their learning is.

This is Zayan at 14 months:

He has two emotions: excitement and distress. He fluctuates between the two quite easily. Sometimes he would be happily walking around and suddenly burst out into a distressed cry. Then I tell him to come to me and he’ll come crying, arms stretched out, but when he gets near me, something else catches his eye and his tears stop just like that. There are two things that will stop him from crying: Elmo on youtube and putting him near the balcony windows.
The view’s not that exciting but somehow he loves peering out the window.

He cannot sit still. He has brief (very brief) moments of being docile and this is usually post-nap time. I love those moments. He is incredibly loud and nyanyah, I’m not quite sure where he got this from! Basically, the rule is if there is silence, he is up to something! As a result, I can’t relax properly when he’s awake. I cannot sit on the sofa as he wants to sit with me on the sofa, which really means he wants to jump up and down on it or use it as a means to climb onto nearby furniture. I also can’t eat or drink in peace because he wants it. Even if it’s spicy, I give him a little bit and he’s fine with it!

His current favourite activity is climbing onto the balcony’s window sill. He looks quite smug when he successfully gets up on it. I smirk when he wants to get down and are not able to. That said, today he was able to sit down on it and get down. (He was actually scared to get down even though his feet are only inches away from the floor. He got there in the end)

Other things that entertain him is his lil piano thing and sing-along book. These items emit music that initially annoys me but now I have accepted it and are singing along to it. Mostly because he gets a kick from it and is dancing (swaying) with it. And each time after I sing and/or dance, he claps so adoringly that I feel like I did a good job performing. My no 1 fan!!

As I’ve mentioned before (or have I?), I’m wee bit concerned of Zayan not speaking yet. Or at least say meaningful words. He does say ‘ayah’,’Aita’ and ‘Nalas’ (Aita’s younger brother) and occasionally say ‘mama’. I’m not sure he knows that mama is me though. He does understand commands like bye-bye, hello, see you later and good night (cue for him to wave). He claps when we ask him to, most of the time anyway, and gets excited when I say ‘splash’ when in the bathtub. Best of all, he knows what ‘hug’ means. Love getting hug and cuddles from Zayan! The best time is in the mornings, when I pick him up from the cot and bring him to bed and I get a very excited lil ‘un hugging me. How? How is it possible to be so happy in the mornings??

I love the evenings because it means I have the night to myself. Haha! (I love you, baby) He goes to sleep around 7.30-8 pm, earlier if he is cranky. Dinner, bit of play (lots of chasing to tire him out), bath time, milk and then sleep. I give him his milk feed on our bed and though I would want to hug him close, he usually pushes me away but ensure I am still close to him (??). I love that time of the day though – lights out, night lamp on (which emits laser lights on the ceiling – very soothing to look at), silence, just me and him next to each other. It brings a nice ending to a long day.

After finishing the bottle, he would drop the bottle and scramble up to my chest and lie there. Brief hug and cuddle, where I recite Surah Al Fatihah and pray that he will protected in his sleep and then gently down the cot. He’s usually half awake, half drowsy by then and out the room I go. Sometimes if we put him to bed late or he didnt have a good nap in the day and so feel cranky, he would cry when I go out but often settle within a minute. Sleep until the next day. *bliss*

Note: we had a blip 2 weeks ago where he kept crying at night and I succumbed and gave him a few feeds at night or bring him to our bed. The thing is he would settle with us but wake up crying a few times because he feels ‘restricted’. Kesian bah our bed is small and he likes his space and doesnt like having the duvet around him. Hence, I had to be ‘stricter’ again and now he’s back to sleeping through the night (waking up for 1 feed at 4 or 5 am).

Socially, he is generally ok now with strangers (except when he needs his nap/sleep – notice how sleep is very important to him??). In fact, he wants to be picked up by random people especially old men. He loves being with other kids, he would approach kids when we’re out. And these older kids (anyone more than 3 years old he preys on) would scramble away as he gets close and encroach their personal space. Whenever we go out for a meal, he would sit teranah as he eats his food but towards the end, when he’s full, he would get rowdier and eventually we let him roam around when we’re about to go. He would then go to people, usually those sitting alone, and babbles to them. Kesian, usually it’s men eating solo and they have to layan this little toddler, standing next to their seat, babbling and looking up at them.

He loves his food, I can’t think of anything he won’t eat. He used to prefer potatoes and pasta to rice. But now he would eat the rice like there’s no tomorrow. I do believe that if you persevere on a certain food, either by cooking it differently to give different texture or taste, you will grow to like it. He prefers to eat his meals by himself now, pushing my hands away whenever kan di suap. This means that we have a very messy baby and very dirty/messy floor. I like to believe that by eating himself more often, he will be more proficient in it and be less messy. He does have tendency to throw food/plate/cutlery down the table, to which he will be told off gently or otherwise by the bad cop (me). He knows he shouldn’t do it because after he drops it, he looks at the floor, looks at me with a ‘Ohhhh’ look – like ohhh, I’m so surprised, it’s dropped now. And often all I have to do is stare at him and he will look down in shame and be quiet for a few seconds. Haha! Difficult to put a straight face on sometimes though!

Anyway, I’m just rambling now.

Lotsa love, me

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