Going solo

Have you ever eaten out alone?

Back in my younger (and more insecure) days, I shied away from going to restaurants eating alone. Coffee at cafes alone is acceptable but for some reason, not having a meal.

I remembered my first (proper) restaurant meal alone at Las Iguanas. I felt lonely and wishing I had someone to talk with.

Currently I’m sitting at Cafe Rouge, having lunch – Smoked salmon, egg & potatoes if you really want to know. And yes I could have made all this at home- whilst Zayan is with Aita. Day 4 of holiday and decided to tackle all errands today (post, sorting out lost phone, etc) without having to drag Zayan all around. Plus he needs his morning nap.

Maybe because I have the iphone (= social media = plenty of distractions), that I dont mind so much eating solo. I know M will be jealous of my lunch rendezvous – could you have a rendezvous alone? *google meaning pf rendezvous*


It’s also half term this week ie school holidays. Baik jua town is not too busy with kids, hrhr for a paediatrician i sound quite wary and bitter of kids. On the contrary, I still love kids – just prefer them not running around and creating havoc.

Somehow this whole using my phone during a meal reminds me of when I was younger and couldnt stop reading, even masa makan. Kesian my parents – I must have tested their patience whenever I bring Archie comics to dinner table. I believe Mama’s words were along the lines of “bah buku mu saja makan nah”. Doncha just love sarcasm?

Ok, other things to do:
1. Call UKBA and demand my passport back (or more like, ask v politely when I can have it back)

2. Send coat to washer/dryer place

3. Have car washed. It’s so dirty, it’s mingin’.

4. Cook dinner

5. Put all Zayan’s old clothes into apparopriate vacuum bags

6. Eat my lunch

Love me

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