Counting my blessings

Powerful photographs of refugees shoes

A photograph can tell you so much, or paint a much more vivid imagery of what is behind the camera lenses. It feels so far away, their hardship, but we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are and how we can help others. I read a book written by Dr Beat Richner* who aptly wrote that the wealth of this world should rightly be distributed around. We have more than others and we should share it – broadly speaking, ‘we’ here meant different countries.

My friend, who works as a dr in KK, told me how poor the people are there (she lives di ulu sikit) and how it breaks her heart seeing the state of baju the kids. It makes me think how lucky zayan is – some of his baju masa baby inda bepakai because there was so many and he grew out of it before I got him to wear it. I’ve always thought there should be a charity that focuses on clothes for children in poorer countries and how parents from other countries can donate their clothes easily. *bimbo mode – because in TV/newspaper, they always look like they’re not wearing much clothes or shoes for that matter*

Talking about charity, there is a lecture from Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan regarding translation/interpretation of one of the surahs in Qur’an (cant remember). The point is – there is an ayat that talks about giving to others and actually, we are advised to give to those near us first. Our close family, our extended family, our neighbours. He touched on how we forget about our extended family’s welfare – we don’t ask them how they’re doing with so and so, and we wait till the other person asks (for advice or financially) before butting in. I guess we dont want to be asked as ‘penyibuk’ but actually to ASK means we are in desperation already. And we should actually help our family before they become desperate. I have no easy solution to overcome this ‘karang kana cakap aku sibuk, busybody, bla bla’ but I guess we can gently and sincerely ask how our relatives are doing.

Anyway, pretty random post.

Lotsa love, me

PS. Working this weekend after a nice 7 day break of being a full-time housewife.
PPS. That said, I miss work too because I’m not that great of a domesticated housewife!

*From wikipedia – “Dr. Beat Richner (born March 13, 1947) is a Swiss pediatrician, cellist (Beatocello), and founder of children’s hospitals in Cambodia. He is the head of the Kantha Bopha Foundation, which was founded in Zurich in 1991 and is currently one of two expatriates who oversee and run the predominantly Cambodian employed hospitals.”

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