Chilli crab for dinner

I’m the sort of person who strives on new things or projects, something different every now and then to colour my day. I’m on leave currently – 7 days off, 2 long days and then another 9 more days off before APLS course 😦 It’s a shame I can’t go on holiday cos my passport is still with UKBA, renewing my visa. It’s been 6 months since they’ve got my passport, curses you UKBA!! You said 98% will get passport within 6 months, I was hoping I was one of the 98%!! Anyway can’t think too much on it or else I’ll just boil in my own rage and impatience. 

Anyway anyway anyway, so since I have plenty of time to spare, I decided to cook something new today. I’ve forever been wanting to cook lobster. Not that I know how. I knew the local market would be a cheaper option but malas kan cari parking in town (plus it was windy and cold), so I opted for my local supermarket instead, where I can park just right at the doorstep 🙂 *urang brunei tah banar*

Turns out one shouldn’t grocery shop when fasting. The good thing is most of my purchases were vegetables (broccoli and aspargus anyone?)* and fruits (there was a promotion where a pack of fruits just cost £1. Kiwis! bananas! oranges!). 

With my already full basket, I went to the fresh seafood section. The lobster turned out to be really really expensive, £30 for a (large) lobster! Ain’t no dishin out £30 for something I may fail to cook well. A large crab costs £10 says the balckboard but on the crab itself, there was £5 sign. Talked to the person in charge and he just realised they mislabelled the price (it should be £10) but because they’ve put it up as £5, I can buy that particular crab for a fiver. Whoopeee! 

(Ok, so kalau di brunei, I can get so much more for £5 but I’m not in Brunei, ok ok??)

I was quite excited to cook the crab but when I got home, read the label again and realise it’s a cooked crab. Oh well, saves me from boiling it then! And at first, I planned to cook it with butter and garlic ala sole meuniere.  Angan2 macam in Julie & Julia. 



(Love the movie! Inspiring!)

Anyway somehow I changed my mind, cos I thought the crab won’t be enough for dinner and cooked sweet and sour fish as well (£1.98 for a whole fish!). Scoured through recipe book and found ‘chilli crab meat’, a complimentary dish for something sweet-ish right?

Long story short, the crab was a success. M had fun deconstructing the crab and learning it’s anatomy – as I knew he would!

All in all, moral of story:

1. Learn to cook something you’ve never cooked before!
2. Don’t be scared cos the internet will help you! We googled videos on how to get out the crab’s edible stuff and get rid of the gills, etc.
3. I love crab.

Love, me

PS. Always intrigued to do french cooking! Maybe next week will be french cooking day? 

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