How to raise a bilingual child?

Zayan has a new fave game. The ‘chum-baaaa’ game.

Mana Zayan?




It’s so funny how toddlers think. That if they cant see you, surely you can’t see them! It’s a fun game tapi after the 1000th time, ngalih jua feigning surprise that he has ‘appeared’. Lol

You so funny, Zayan!

Also – reading on how to improve zayan’s bilingual (or trilingual – if you include Aita’s occasional Italian speak with him) speech. Tiger mama alert! I realise how bilingual babies can have delayed speech buuuut I can still try to help him with it kan kan kan?

First thing – one parent, one language, no more mixed language! Zis gonna be hard!

Second – use key words repeatedly before doing/giving it.

Third – more malay shows! Less elmo, more upin ipin?

I’m sure he’ll get there… just being a bit Tiger mama!

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February 5, 2013 · 12:20 am

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