Drooling over bags

Ok, so I vowed to not buy any bags for at least another 6 months, no, 3 months, no….. well not in the near future ok? I figured that I have a lot of bags already and actually just use the same bags each time. So, the plan is to recycle my old bags and use them more often.

But I’ve somehow stumbled upon Amy Butler’s website. I adore Amy Butler’s patterns, her patterns are basically what I use to make nursing cover, bags, any new creative project I delve into. It’s a bit expensive but oh so pretty! Rambang mata tarus masa browsing through her website. And then! I found out that she also sells finished bags. And they’re soooooo nice. Nicer than Cath Kidston, I think, and that’s saying something says the Cath Kidston fan! (I have such an inner white, middle class streak. All I need now is to turn into organic, vegetarian diet who wears nice jeans tucked into equally nice boots.)

Anyway, it doesnt hurt to browse right?

Here are my favourites:

Lucy ipad case


Classy and simple. Harganya pun classy!

Meris Duffle Bag


Love this kind of green.

Abina Tote Bag


Can’t decide which green pattern I like more.

And I would like to have something like this! Different and more mellowed colour please. That said, you’ll be able to see your bag dari jauh on the conveyor belt!

Graceful Travel Carry On bag.


So, yes, this marks the end of my drooling session over Amy Butler’s bags. Half wanting one, whilst the other half wonder how ridiculously expensive the bags are. Which reminds me… when I went to Manchester the other week, Ka Norin (my SIL) and I were walking around the bags section at Selfridges, doing that thing girls do – browsing through each branded sections, touching the bags we like and sighing ‘One day….’, and also trying to be discrete in looking at the price. We went to Chanel and I have only just realised how pricey it is! A few people on FB/IG talk about having one and I thought oh its just another branded bag, but this is like another new level of branded bag! Four digits! Really?? My SIL’s theory of why people want to have it is because it’s so expensive, so it’s like (one of) the ultimate material achievement. Also some of the bags look nice, like ‘you touch it and smile’ kinda nice.

Anyway to those with Chanel bags, I’ll try not to spill anything on it k. Hehe!

Lotsa love, me

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February 3, 2013 · 9:17 pm

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