Resolusi 2013!

Is ‘resolusi’ even a word? *checks Collins English-Malay dictionary app that costs me £6*

Ermm no! Resolution = azam!

Ok fine. Azam 2013

1. Khatam qur’an including understanding background/history/translation of surah kana turunkan.

To achieve this, ideally I would do 2-3 juz a month. InsyaAllah!

2. Learn Arabic
Balik2 jua kan belajar arabic nya ani! But it shall be a reality this time insyaAllah!

To achieve this: Since I cant go to the local uni’s arabic class just yet (childcare issues), I’m gonna see if I can find courses online. Mesti ada kan kan kan?

3. Sembahyang sunat sebelum/selepas sembahyang
I dont usually do this unless have plenty of time but must strive!!

1. Go to APLS (Advanced Paediatric Life Support) course

2. Be on time for work!
To achieve this: Attempt to be ready half hour before time to go out! Rather than rush each time and go out thinking ‘I’m late!!!!!’

3. Write down a case I’ve learnt each week! And also do my assessments in time (and not last minute).

4. Do an audit.
Zzzzzzzz! This is a must pulang but i figure if I write it here, I’ll remember about it!

1. Date nights with M once a month at least!

2. Less internet time and more family time!

3. Lose the baby belly ASAP!
To achieve this: Enroll myself in a gym – tick! Must go once a week…. or fortnight.

4. Save more! Spend less!
To achieve this: I will not buy any more clothes or bags until halfway through the year. Instead I will take out all bags and clothes I dont usually wear/use (cos I’ve forgotten they exist) and use them more!

Ok thats it. I’m writing all this not in the intention to brag kah apa but hoping that we can inspire and motivate each other in our ‘azam’ 🙂

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