Its a red biscuit!

I realise I havent blogged recently. Not because I have nothing to talk about but more like I dont have the time or energy to expand my thoughts in writing and then I wont cover the topic with much justice.

What’s been on my mind/going on recently:

1. Feeling demoralised with work. Just feels like we work and work and work our hardest, go back home late but still will not satisfy everyone. Have to keep reminding myself – there’s only One who I have to please and minta approval from. But human nature – I just want some acknowledgement for us junior doctors once in awhile!

2. Went to manchester on sat as M has an examcourse there. Zayan and I chilled out with my sis in law. In the afternoon, we went to the city centre and basically walking at the ground floor of one the shopping centre. And suddenly out of nowhere, there’s this piece of salami fell on my coat. I wasnt sure if someone dropped it or threw it at me. We werent exactly below the floor above so I suspect it was intentional. I was too shocked to look up but my sis in law did and couldnt see anyone. Tarus my sis in law cakap “its just a biscuit! it’s a red biscuit!” I couldnt help but laugh when she said that. I was like ‘inda Ka Norin! knowing my luck, its pork! PORK!!’ To appease me, she said ada bejual halal salami there. Lol Antahla, I dunno how to feel about that. I’ve never really had a racist gesture done at me. Assuming if it is intentional, it is a racist gesture …. unless the person doesnt like short people or short people in (nice red) coat!

All in all, I think kalau intentional, ku doakan whoever yang did it, to be able to open their eyes and hearts and find the right path. Amim. Tuhan saja membalas dengan adil one day if it is intentional. At the moment, my (nice red) coat is hanging preciously in the guest room, ready kan di samak – just in case it is pork!

Anyway stay tuned for next post! Resolusi 2013!

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