Walk in the park

What’s been happening these days?

Big brother 1 came to visit with family. He’s graduating from his masters and stopped by leicester. Here’s Big bro 3 sharing storytime with the kids. All staying still for a few minutes at least!


Zayan and M sharing cheesy strings together. Heart melts! Lookie how small Zayan looks!


It was sunny albeit cold yesterday. Sp all three of us donned our warmest thickest wintery outfits to go out and brave the cold! Brought Zayan to the park and siuknya si awang damit ani. Loved the freedom and just took his own path anywhere he fancies. Whenever I call him and wave bye2 and pretended to walk somewhere else, diliatnya saja and walked further away! An old couple walked past and said “And he’s gone now…” Sigh!

Zayan fell a few times resulting in muddy knee on trousers and mittens. And our buggy pun ikut muddy. But it was nice to have some fresh air! And a good walk *such a sloth these days*


Walking down the cemented path before the lil one breaks free for the grass.


All giggles and laughter on the swing!


It’s snowing now. I would take pictures but I’m v comfortable with blanket all around me on the sofa. Zayan tidur…hopefully for another hour! Hoping to go grocery shopping today but malas kan keluar kalau snowing.

Love me


January 14, 2013 · 10:49 am

2 responses to “Walk in the park

  1. zimah

    fizzzzz! how i miss u and leics and the snow!!! good to see u 3 are having a great time. muuahhs big sloppy kiss to zayan !! and warm *i miss u so much* hug to u 🙂


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