Say no to childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is on the rise. This fact actually upsets me. and I’m not exaggerating or being emo here.

I think it’s just not right for kids to be allowed to gain so much weight, to eat unhealthy food and to let them have sedentary lifestyle. The thing is there is only so much medical professionals can do to help a child lose weight. We can get dieticians to give advice on less fat, les sugar, more balanced meals and we can give so much advice on ways to lose weight aka the dreaded word ‘exercise’. But a lot of the times, it is not just the child that needs addressing to. It’s the whole family, maybe even the extended family (depends how close they are or regular they see them I guess) that needs to realise that their whole lifestyle – their diet, their (lack of) exercise – affects the child. How can you get a child to eat better, eat less and move more if the rest don’t follow?

I’m not saying it’s easy to curb a kid’s appetite or to say no to a child who wants to eat this and that. In fact, it may be seen as the right thing to do, to keep feeding, because it is a show of love and affection. Or perhaps a sign of guilt.

No, it’s not easy to solve this problem of childhood obesity. But neither is (early) arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

Just something for us to think about. Not just those who actually has this problem but all of us. We’re such a tight knit community, we need to help each other! (Also to remember to include healthy options in family functions!)

Love, me

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