Day of A (Part Time) Housewife

Many asked me what I did day by day during my maternity leave. I didnt know how to explain to them that almost all the time was dedicated to tending to Zayan. We had a routine going on: morning bath, change clothes, feed, play a bit, nap, feed, change nappy, play a bit, feed, nap, change nappy… The order might change but it was more or less that ALL the time. Plus sorting out laundry, washing up, getting dinner ready amongst other things. I might have fed and showered myself at some point. From time to time, I would go out to town – sometimes just so I can have some change of scenes. The boring thing is most of my friends are working, so they’re not usually around. But when one or two are free, we’d go out for lunch or coffee.

The thing is in the first few months, it all felt very overwhelming and relentless. It’s just nappy change after nappy change and feed after feed. As soon as I put him to sleep, I would eat breakfast/lunch/dinner or sort something out. He’s not the best sleeper as well, sleeping 30-40 minutes tops each time. And he constantly had to be either carried or given attention to when awake.

But then something changed. He grew and became more interactive and mobilised more. Cried less. Had less frequent milk feeds.

Anyway we have a new routine now:

Morning bath
Milk feed
Nap (1-2 hrs HOORAY)
Lunch + milk
Nap (30 mins – 1 hour)
Milk feed
Evening bath

When he sleeps in the morning, I can rest for a bit. What can happen though is that I will fall asleep and then when he wakes up, he’ll be trying to wake ME up and playing around me, insisting that I do not sleep anymore and play with him. Consequences of falling asleep includes having his dung pot aka nappy bin being ransacked *HORRORS* and the living room looking like a bomb site.

You know, the tea adverts where the kids run wild the whole day and the dad runs around them ragged and it ends with dad having a cuppa when the kids are asleep, and suddenly all is well, peace is restored and stretching out your legs and drinking tea feels so heavenly. Yeah, I feel like that every night!

I still love you Zayan, even with all the running and climbing stairs and all sorts of mischievous things you do to keep me on my toes!

Mwah, sleep tight!

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