Cool adverts

Edited the previous post as I realise I left it hanging. Haha!

I then wanted to find the tea advert on youtube but then got sidetracked and watched some other cool adverts instead.

GoogleChrome adverts are motivating!

It just shows that the internet and social media now can change a person’s life and career! People can sell stuff online and widen their market base so much more through the internet. The click of a twitter button or the posting of a blog can reach out to anyone, everyone, anywhere!

And another advert…

Reminds me of why I’m more active blogging now than in the last year or two. I want to collect memories of life as a family now. Of how motherhood has changed my life. Of Zayan’s milestones. The little things that I get excited about.

Love, me

ps. Zayan has been doing so well sleeping in his cot all night. Putting him down is not a massive battle anymore – sometimes he readily turns to the cot ready to snuggle himself on his bed. He’ll wake up once at 4-5 am for a feed but goes back to sleep after. Tonight though, he cried lots. And when I picked him up and shushed him to calmness and his screams turn to cries to whimpers, it felt great. The feeling of his clenched fist holding on to my hair slowly uncurl and drop down. I’d love to think that I’m instilling that familiar feeling of having your mummy soothe you, even when you’re all grown up, her warm hand letting you know that she has your back.

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