A letter to younger me

Dear 16 year old me,

I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile now but each time I’m about to pen it or even thinking of writing this, I get overwhelmed and then I have too many things I want to tell and advise you.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil too much info, after all what is life without some mystery and surprises. And what surprises you’ve had in the last few years. I say ‘surprise’ to mean that things have unravelled in ways we didn’t expect it to. For a start, there’s the love life department. Your 28 year old self can confirm that you (we?) have indeed gotten lucky and has found the man of your (our) dreams. Except he wasn’t what we expected really. So that’s a pleasant surprise for you.

Unless of course, by mentioning all this, I have somehow managed to change the structure of history and now you will forever be finding happiness in guys you never thought of being with and therefore, forced yourself to be happy with him and then, you’re not lucky or happy at all.

Wait, ignore last paragraph because what I’m going to say would be the most important message out of this – when you make the decision to be with someone, you will find that it is the most difficult yet easiest decision to make. And that when you seek for guidance, there might not be any obvious signs (like yknow, an old wise bearded man telling you that it is indeed the right choice), but for you to then listen to your heart, really listen, and if things keep pointing to the same thing, then insyaAllah that is the path best planned for you.

Cryptic messages aside, I have to go now. Maybe I’ll write to you again one day.

Love, your older self

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