Travel beyond the shops

I have a bit of pet peeve. That is – how every bruneian’s (ok exaggeration, not EVERYONE) travelling schedule includes shopping, shopping, shopping. Esp when it’s in the UK and there’s so much to do here, so much to offer other than spending $$ in shops.

Here’s where I recommend going if someone’s coming over here:

1. Go to a musical in the west end. Or if you’re not in London, catch a musical or show in the nearest big city. Sure there is one! Even in Leicester!

2. Visit Kew Gardens in London. We went in Autumn and it was wee bit windy but not too bad. There’s indoor halls to go into as well if it’s too cold outside. I love the place, I could stroll in there all day being with nature and surrounded by pretty flowers. Very informational too with regards to the flora and fauna all around the world.

3. The museums in London! If you have children, be prepared for them to be amazed at National History museum with the ginormous dinosaur exhibitions there (I think it’s still there….). There’s so many sections there that it suits people of different ages. We discovered Victoria and Albert museum recently as well. We wanted to check out this photographer’s gallery – Light from the Middle East – compilation of pictures from the Middle East. But we got to the other exhibitions: Fashion in the 19th-20th century, Islamic history …oh we really wanted to explore more but we had to limit our time as we wanted to check out this restaurant and had to set time restrictions to make full use of the short break in London.

The best thing: lots of the museums are free!!

Light from the Middle East: New Photography from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

4. Harry Potter studio tour – need I say more?

5. Covent Garden – LOVE.

Venturing out of London…

6. West Midlands safari park, Birmingham. Literally the animals could be JUST outside your car. Awesome! (and wee bit scary too – cos M insisted in having windows open when they get near EEKS) There’s also penguins and reptiles section in walking part of the safari.

7. When weather’s nicer and for the adventurous- GO APE!

8. Segway-ing is a nice way to spend day out.

9. Legoland. Thorpe Park. Alton towers. And and and – even in the winter, there’s the waterpark in Alton Towers and its indoors! WIN!

(Ok I just spent the last 15 minutes looking at what Alton Towers has to offer. Cheap price for 4 people including overnight stay.)

10. Strolling around scenic and pretty towns like Oxford, Cambridge and Bath. Go bunting. Go on the boats. Or just enjoy the old architecture in those towns. Bath has nice scones too!

And loads and loads more! There’s more to UK than shopping and I hope people expand their travel zones to include not just the high street area and typical places like Bluewater, Harrods, Oxford street, Bicester village. And go beyond – check out the local markets, museums, photographic gallery, theatre. This goes to travelling to other countries in the world!

*That said – if you do go past regent street, check out Lonely Planet’s shop. They have an area of exhibition and I love just walking around the shop. Inspiring and brings out the traveler’s excitement in me.

Love me

PS. I realize that when you get out of Bru, you just wanna shop till you drop as there’s so many more options out of the country. But still….

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