A moment to reflect

There’s a reason why I haven’t blogged anything in last few days. Basically I kept wanting to write about the killing in Newtown Elementary school, Connecticut. But I just can’t put into words what’s going through me as I read about them on the papers. I can’t imagine what the parents of the children killed are going through. Dropping off your child in the morning and that being the last goodbye for them. It made me think of how I drop Zayan off. Whenever I drop him off at the childminder’s or when I go to work and he’s at home with M, I’m normally running late already and so, I give him a quick peck in the cheek and a wave goodbye. Sometimes – very occasionally – I have time to play with him in the morning but most of the time, I’m just rushing around getting both of us ready and trying to ram some breakfast in. 

Anyway I’m just rambling now. My prayers for the family affected, may they have the strength and courage to go on. 

There are killings and deaths of children everywhere, in Gaza, in Syria….and for them too, my prayers for the parents and families. 

Gtg now!

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