Random updates

This is gonna be a very random post. It feels like I’ve abandoned this blog… there’s just so many things to do all day, every day!

What I’ve been doing these days:

1. Finishing all the nursing cover orders. Think I get stressy with it cos I feel since people are paying for it, it has to be PERFECTION.
But its ok, I’m almost finished! One more to go!

2. I’m such a fickle person. I go from one project to the next. I’m obsessed with making bags/purses now. One unfinished project is making this reversible tote bag. The thing that’s stopping me is making the straps. It’s a long story, I’ll show pics when it’s ready!

3. Also, I feel a lil bit gatal hati kan embellish dresses. Not confident on sewing a dress from scratch but I figure I can add in a lil bit of lace to a simple black dress. Anyway I have no idea how to sew lace but I love it! Dont want to turn a dress into lingerie though. So this will be awhile till I pull off something!

4. Zayan’s birthday coming soon! M’s family coming this weekend. Gotta figure out what to cook! The plan: something so simple that I wont have to stress over and can make in bulk.

5. I feel like I HAVE to make Zayan’s cake by myself, even though I’m very tempted to order it from my fave local bakery. Oh, did I say that it has to have Elmo in it? *high standards – confident dapat buat!* There’s this website ‘Coolest Elmo cake’ and theres people all over the world sharing tips and ways they made their homemade Elmo cake. Ganbatte to me!


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