Sorry for neglecting this blog! I’ve been on nights last week and recovering from it! 


Zayan is 1 soon. 

But we’re not getting him anything. 

Well, M thinks we have too many toys for him already and he’s still too young to understand about birthdays anyway (plus his family doesnt celebrate birthdays back in the days…his younger siblings do now). We’re gonna get him a cake though – again he wont remember it I know but I feel like it’s more for us. Like YAHOO we’ve been parents for a year and sanity still intact! (And feeling less and less sleep deprived)

I found a toy that I think Zayan will like – like a flashing drum. It’s cool and I know it’s cool cos there was one in the ward and I loved playing it, haha. But M stood by not buying any presents for Zayan anytime soon. I tried to prove to him that Zayan doesnt really have much toys. Excluding his stuffed toys (that people bought for him anyway), he has 9 toys altogether.  

Whilst proving to him that bebe doesnt really have much toys, I was wondering why I felt upset. It’s JUST  a toy. And he wont feel bad anyway cos he doesnt know it exists yet. There is something in me that feels that by buying him a toy, I am fulfilling my motherly duties and making him happier. I know deep inside though that Zayan will feel happy with anything as long as we sit down and play with him. So even if I make a makeshift drum out of cupboard boxes and tins, he will have a blast. It just feels easier to have a toy fill up his playing time by itself! 

I watched that Jo Supernanny show once where she interviewed parents and asking about buying toys. And basically a lot felt that by buying stuff for them, it’s making up for the times they’re not there and buying out of guilt. I don’t wanna be at that place, but I know there will come a time when I’ll be busy with work and nights and oncalls and I’ll get him stuff cos I feel guilty for not spending much time with him. I hope I don’t do it too often though! And that he wont get spoilt!

Anyway, I’ll let this toy thing rest first …. till maybe next year? Hehe! 

Love, me



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2 responses to “Toys

  1. Azimah Y

    Zayan is turning one so soon?? Has it been that long? Sigh.. macam baru jua jumpa Zayan when he was just 3 weeks old. We miss you guys! Just letting you know that I appreciate your regular updates esp posts like these! Yayyy to being parents for 1yr and sanity still intact! Happy advanced 1st birthday Zayan!

    • Hi Azimah! Thanks for dropping by! So nice to see someone actually reading this hehe 🙂 Zayan is one today!! Inda terasa ahhh. He cant wait to see his CALI uncles and aunties! (and cali babies of course)

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