Hyper Japan in pictures

Ok so I’m just gonna put up pictures to explain what we’ve been up to at Hyper Japan.

It started off with finding food. We were hungry and just walked around in the rain for 30-45 minutes or so. FAMISHED! When we came in, there were loaaadsss of people. Imagine ICC convention times 100, with bizarre costumes walking around too. We headed over to the food stalls, only to find long long queues and limited place to sit. But we managed to get some food from a stall that didnt have much of a queue. I don’t know what my meal was called but it basically was sushi rice and omelette with some veg and tomato sauce. Zayan seemed to like it! With the limited places to sit, M had to stand whilst I sit on a lone chair and Zayan in his stroller, slurping his lunch away kelaparan. Eventually some people left from the nearby table and we sat there. We were unimpressed of it all.

With our bellies filled, we were happier though and the frustrations of being lost and walking in the rain dissolved quite quickly. Off to find what other treats we could find! Still feeling peckish, we bought green tea ice cream (rich, not too sweet for ice cream) and soem dorayaki – red bean paste and cream cheese with red bean! They were the YUMMIEST dorayaki ever. M just thought I was too hungry, impairing my judgement of the yummiest dorayaki. Whenever I see dorayaki, it just reminds me of Doraemon! ~ ohh memories ~

Stopped by a sushi stall and flicked through a book on how to make sushis. Turned out the woman on the far left is the author!


The obligatory family photo. Arigato from the Ali family!

I heart kimonos! I’d love to go to Japan just to try the kimonos and walk around in it haha. They’re so expensive though! But oh so pretty!

I can’t remember what the japanese samurai (or whatever the stick is called) fighting is called. They were teaching to volunteers on how to work the stick. Complete with ‘HA!’ after each swing. I was more preoccupied with the trousers though. Can I have those trousers? They look super comfy.

One of the main higlights of the convention is the cosplay contestants. I wonder why this Japanese cosplay thing is popular but I guess people just like dressing up. Gives you an excuse to be a kid and wear very weird costumes.

We saw a stall with some cute cuddly fuzzy pillows and felt tempted to buy it for Zayan. Zayan was asleep at the time, so we came back again when he was awake and figured if he likes it, we’ll buy it for him. And yknow what, it was love at first sight! The moment he saw it, he grabbed it (apparently called Loris) and cuddled and shrieked in delight. Haha how can we resist!

Checked out the games area. Look at M, waiting to have a go at the game!

Zayan loving dragonball.

Some kawaii sellers.

Towards the end, we saw some crafts section and decided to have a go at the calligraphy.

At the end, we finished it off with having dinner at Zizzi nearby. It’s been a long day. The convention was not what we expected. I guess cos we went to a food exhibition last year and was really impressed with the high standards of it all (but of course it was a Masterchef food exhibition). This one felt disorganied and less professional looking and in some areas, studenty. I guess since we paid £25 per ticket, we want to have more for what we paid for!

Signing off, lotsa love,

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