Hyper Japan

M and I have an affinity towards anything Japanese or korean. When I first got to know him many many years ago (7years ago!), he mentioned some oriental movie to me and I remember feeling shocked. The brits here dont really watch any japanese/korean movies or tv dramas or follow their music. I thought it might be because of his mum being chinese but turned out it was due to the influence of his very cool dad, who is Bangladeshi btw – just shows never stereotype!

So anyway, there’s this annual Japanese convention in London that M has always wanted to check out and somehow we learnt that we would both be free in the weekend of the convention this year. Decided to go and check it out (easy decision).

Fast forward to today, we drove early from Leicester and quite on schedule too. Left the house at 9 am at the dot as planned. Arrived at abang M punya rumah, freshened up and off we go!

I must point out that today was the first day, first road trip ever that Zayan did not cry in the car journey. Not one peep! He normally cries before going to sleep and at times even, cried the whole entire journey (2 hours, london to leicester). So in thecar, I would usually find ways to appease/comfort him – from feeding to singing to upuk2 bagi tidur to showing you tube videos of elmo. One time, he stopped crying and fell asleep to brunei’s version of Gangnam style video cos that was the only video my sis in law have in her phone. Haha!

Anyway anyway anyway! theory kami kenapa ya good boy and inda nangis now is that he has learnt to be by himself and fall asleep by himself ever since the sleep training.

Back to the journey, we set off to the convention, called Hyper Japan (why is it called hyper japan??), via tube which took forever.I dunno we’re in zone 3 or something. Zayan cried at one point cos he got bored being in the stroller but essentially not a problem in the tube. Until…….

At our second change at Notting Hill, the circle line was closed. and we had to take a bus.but we couldnt find the right bus stop. And so we decided to walk. In my head,I thought it wont be far but it was! it was!!! Ok so maybe it was only a twenty minute walk but it was in the rain and my jeans were getting wet and the stroller is heavy to push after awhile and …i’m just not fit anymore. Having a car has spoiled me! We arrived at Earl’s court where the thing was but for some reason (M was the map reader, I just followed), we walked and walked and walked and got lost. Nya M the postcode address on the ticket is different to the website, so he got confused. We almost took a bus to South Kensington! Now we can laugh about it but tadi we were one of those couples whose fuming and frustrated at how their trip is not working out to plan and hence letting it out on each other (actually it was just me, M was just letting it out at his phone).

It was all a combination of the pouring rain, walking far too long and lapar (aimed to get there for lunch and we only arrived at 2pm). But all became fine cos we found it in the end!

Kesian Zayan lapar tia jua cos he didnt have his lunch yet. So along the way, made up a bottle for him and baik jua ya ani bagus can feed himself. Later on when we arrived but queuing for food, he finished his bottle tapi nangis lapar masih. We brought some store bought pureed packs, where you can slurp it from a nozzle. We bought for him once but I didnt trust him to eat by himself and held it for him. This time, he readily took it and slurped his way down the pack by himself with minimal mess. Yay zayan!

Ok I’m sleepy now. Will post pics soon!

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