Gross National Happiness

According to the morning news today, there’s a survey that came out in the UK which revealed that the people in the rural are happier than those in the city. And this includes the 16-25s…. you’d think they’d be more bored and dissatisfied with life in the sticks. But apparently not!

I remembered walking around this really quite village in Portugal with my fellow traveling companions and one of the guys, Ken, asked me whether the people living there are happy with their lives. I thought about it and wondered whether perhaps if you didnt know or didnt strive for more things, more materials in life, you’d be happier. Whereas if you see other people having the new iphone5 or having seemingly more glamorous lives, you strive for it and in the process, feel more stressed out. A very simplistic view on the complexities of the human behaviour, I know, but you get my gist.

On the other hand, there could be the odd one or two in the kampung who feel like ‘I WANNA GET OUT OF HERE! I AM MADE FOR A BIGGER WORLD!’.

This all reminded me of how Bhutan first coined the terminology ‘gross national happiness’. Instead of focusing on progressing their GDP, they focus on their happiness, their wellbeing. How awesome is that? They take into account planning policies and their economy into whether it adds up more to their ‘happiness’. It takes into account looking at the bigger picture and a more greener and moralistic way of developing. Anyway I can’t explain it properly and now forgot which book I’ve read that explains it nicely.

On the Huffington’s post of World Happiness Report 2012:

“While basic living standards are essential for happiness, after the baseline has been met happiness varies more with the quality of human relationship than with income,” the report read. “Policy goals should include high employment and high-quality work; a strong community with high levels of trust and respect, which government can influence through inclusive participatory policies; improved physical and mental health; support of family life; and a decent education for all.”

Also I think I’m getting older because I (happened to) watch MTV and think why am I watching this. MTV cribs and Supper sweet 16 (or whatever it’s called) and the Kardashians life thingy – it just creates delusions and elevate the image of artists/random rich people into SUPERSTARS and aalmost equivalent to god-like statuses.

Sorry deep post for a Tuesday mundane day!

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