Not nothing

I should rectify what I said in the last post. There IS something we can do. We can make dua for our brothers and sisters in trouble out there and we can also donate at any one of the worldwide charities aiming specifically for them. I like to go to Islamic Relief but I’m sure there’s a lot out there with the same purposes.

Yesterday we went out specifically just to get cake (I felt like eating cake and M layan jua saja) and went to eat the luxuriously rich cakes of Patisserie Valerie. It felt wrong though to be having all these luxuries when somewhere out there people are in a war.

I don’t mean we abandon our whole lives and go scruffy and not eat at all. Re-distribute is what I mean. There’s some who’s rich and some who’s poor, some with more wealth than others. So we should redistribute the wealth, bridging the huge gap between the mighty wealthy and the poorest of poor.

I wanted to write about how I was in a homesick-I-feel-so-lonely mood this morning. I don’t know why it came to me this morning. I guess Ive been feeling it for awhile already but today I just wanted to be around people I know and love and have girlfriend chats. All my leicester friends have moved out of leicester and the bruneians/msians crew have moved out of the country. I don’t feel close to my colleagues cos I work part time and it feels like they know each other more than I know them. Anyway, that feeling whilst still there feels nothing compared to what the Syrians and Gazans are going through now.

Love, me

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