Gaza conflict

Lump in throat. Reading about what’s happening in Gaza/Israel. Wishing I can do something to help our brothers and sisters there. Came across a picture of a baby boy, son of a BBC photo editor, called Omar aged 10 or 11 months old killed in the attacks. He has twinkling eyes and an adorable grin like Zayan.

My dua for his family and all those affected, killed and wounded. May Allah give them strength and courage to get through this and may those that has left us be granted the best justice of all, Jannah.

Suddenly all my problems feel like firstworldproblems.

Ok I just want to sit near Zayan’s cot and watch him sleep now.

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One response to “Gaza conflict

  1. Fadlina

    I felt the same way. My seemingly firstworldproblems are absolutely nothing compared to what they are going through right now. 😔

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