11 months today!

I’ve got lots of things to write about, or at least I did. I have these things in my head where I keep thinking, yeahhh I’ll write about that in my blog later. But lupa tia. 

The truth is I’ve been oncall a lot more these days, partly cos I’ve swapped with someone. It was stupid cos i realise a little too late that M was working that weekend too. Oh wait, I think I’ve talked about that. 

Ok, I’m just rambling. 

Let’s break this down:

1. Myself

I realise that I’ve been wearing dowdy boring clothes when I’m not at work. At work, I make an effort and wear pretty tops and dresses. But when I’m out with M/Zayan, I just wear single coloured block tops… or stripey tops. I really should make more of an effort! 

2. M and I

…are going for our 5th date by watching Leicester Tigers vs Maori Blacks tomorrow! It’s gonna be cold, so I plan to wear like ten thousand layers of clothes. 

We also rearranged the furniture in our room today because I felt we have to distance the cot away from my side of the bed. Zayan just gets more upset when he sees me (and also pulls my hair… ouch!). I actually like the arrangement now, partly because I love changing layout of my bedroom! All my life till I got married, I change the layout of my room every so often. Yup, that includes the laborious moving of closet and bed. But I tell ya, it’s worth it. Change is good. It rejuvenates you and helps you get out of a rut. 

*My whole family actually likes changing layout of our rooms. In fact, as teenagers/young adults, my brothers and I even exchanged bedrooms. So I can say now that I have been in each of my brothers’ rooms and made it mine and vice versa. People think we’re crazy cos we actually move our furnitures too. Not the bed but practically everything else! Of course, inda kan durang use my makeup table kan. 

3. I took Zayan out for swimming the other day. He loved it, he was laughing in the water. Such a different baby these days compared to a few months ago! 

4. He is becoming more expressive. It just feels like there’s a two way relationship and “conversation” now. Like how he finds it funny when I put his playing buckets on my head and then when I’ve run out of buckets near me, he hands over one near him. Before this, he would just grin and smile and flap his hands in excitement…or cry to indicate I should not stop. This may not sound earth-stopping or ground breaking to you. But I guess I’m being “first time mama” here and having my heart melt whenever he does things like these. 

Here’s a video, if I can post it, of us laughing together over something. 


Zayan will be 11 months in 33 minutes time!

Love, me


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5 responses to “11 months today!

  1. fadlina

    happy 11 months zayan! before you know it, you will be one years old! and ummm..giving your mama more headache. lol

  2. Thank you aunty fad!! Yes, expecting a lot more headaches 😛 Have fun in Brunei!! When are you due? Looking good pregnant lady!

  3. fad

    due anytime now i guess. bnr nya between 7-11 dec but im alraedy 37 weeks and aunties have been telling me 2nd child has the tendency to be out earlier (arani was out at 39 weeks).

    lol. those pictures lie. i picked out good pictures of myself to go inside my blog. hahaha.. the first thing almost everyone i see said :wow! ur huge!” like im going to pop the next minute. haha.

  4. Fadlina

    Whee! I was just wondering about that. Ok. Let me know when its already in brunei then 🙂 thanks!

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