Team Obama wins!

Sometimes when I write here, I imagine Zayan reading it when he’s much older and he can just about imagine how life is back then, when he was just a lil tot. So I feel I should write about a lil historical event in the world today – Team Obama wins! Is it the right choice for the Americans and the rest of us? I guess we’ll see in the next few years, whether there will be (unnecessary) US-led wars, friend or foe to our brothers and sisters around the world (like can the US/UK please get on and help out Syria?), if Obama can get the economy going for the US. 

Someone on radio today asked why should they (the Brits) care about this. Well, the President of the USA is the most powerful and influential guy in today’s world…. that alone should make us care who won. 

Serious things aside, I’m proposing an epic travel next year to M and to prepare for it, we should save lil bit $$ monthly from now on. But where to go? To China where his sister is? Or perhaps Japan where we have some affinity with? Or we could visit his best friend in Chicago. Choices! M asks if we’re bringing Zayan and I’m like DUH, of course. He mused that Zayan is living a much more priviliged life than he did as a kid. *shrugs* If we can afford it and not in debt with it, why not right? …. Oooh Jordan!!! 

Zzzz time. 

Love me

PS. Funny things people were about to do if Romney/Obama wins: 


What if Romney wins

If Obama wins I will … still be annoyed that Romney was allowed to compete in the first place -Ed, UK.

If Romney wins I will … be so confused with humanity that I will decide to live as a duck – Ross, UK.

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