What’s for breakfast?

Do you normally eat breakfast? If it’s workday, I don’t normally have any breakfast – maybe the occasional coffee on the go. If I’m off or I wake up way early on a work day, I have cereal and sometimes toast and kaya.

When M and I are off together, we go out for breakfast from time to time. John’s being our favourite place – serving (vegetarian) English breakfast, American fluffy pancakes, Egg benedict, the works! Sometimes in the weekend, we’ll make our own fry ups or I’ll make M make some pancakes for me (he’s the pancake king).

The best time to have breakfast out is after the last night sift – celebratory breakfast for surviving a set of nights!

Watched this show called Heston’s fantastical food – he’s like a food scientist and creates amazing, multi-sensual food – food is not just the taste but it must be amazing to the eyes and smell too! His breakfast looks amazing and super fun!!!

Back home, mama makes mee/nasi goreng for breakfast on a good day. If not, we’ll have some cucur – cucur pisang, cucur ubi, apa saja cucur!

I should wake up earlier to eat breakfast and not rush it (ie gulp my cereal/toast in 3 minutes). I’m sure I’ll feel less rushed and more serene going to work. The thing is….. I love my sleep more! Well thats pre-baby era. Now I’m just rushing to get myself and baby ready in record time!

What breakfast do you have?

Love, me

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