Parent doctors

Last weekend, both M and I worked long day, which essentially meant we’re out of the house from 8 am to 10 pm. So Zayan was sent over to his childminder Aita, who is the bomb as not many childminders worked in the weekend/after office hours. She has another child whose parents are doctors so she gets the oncall shifts and very forgiving whenever we pick him up late.


Zayan looking all smart ready for some serious playtime with Aita


It’s a struggle to put on shoes on him!


I felt bad leaving him too long for the whole weekend. We basically only had a few awake hours with him. I was worried jua that his whole sleeping pattern/routine will get messed up. He’s so brilliant now going to sleep in his cot with minimal crying and I knew if he cries in the weekend, I’d feel so bad and take him to sleep with us. But alhamdulillah, he was so good. Aita must have run and played him rugged cos he was knocked out the entire night.

Ok that’s it for now…here’s a pic of the meals I’ve cooked for him.


From left to right:
1. chicken & mushroom in tomato sauce & rice
2. mashed potato, tuna & spinach
3. mashed avocado & cheese (kinda like guacamole & cheese)
4. aubergine & potato curry.

Aside from the avocado and tuna, all the others above are collection of ingredients from our dinner tonight. So although it looks a lot of variety, I was just tweaking it (ie no salt and chilli) from our dinner.

He is eating and drinking so much more now and by end of the weekend, habis all his frozen meals! Although he looks big (and so bulat) in photos, he’s actually small and much smaller than babies his age. So I feel happy him wanting to eat/drink more.

I was thinking how kesian it is for zayan to have parents working shifts. I remember asking my friend who has both parents as doctors how it was growing up. She admitted to have her childhood being with her childminders a lot. Guess it didnt affect her too badly cos she and her husband are both medics! And also she said she couldnt get out of missing school when unwell. Her dad will feel her pulse and listen to her chest and then send her out to school. Haha!

Ok thats it! So tired! Still recovering from working the weekend.

Love me

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November 5, 2012 · 10:17 pm

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