President of the world?

The US Prseident elections are coming soon. Obama vs Romney. Romney vs Obama. 

And why do we have to care?

Because undoubtedly the US has a strong power on countries all over the world, and whoever the President is, will determine the future of countries out there, countries that our fellow brothers and sisters are residing in. I dont know much about the world politics and history but I do know that if a certain person becomes President, it cannot fare well for others. Or more like he will help/endorse/turn a blind eye on the actions of another country. 

As I said, I don’t know much about world politics. And what exactly Obama has done and what he supports in his current era. But if it’s the “the lesser of the two devils”, so be it. 

Even though the elections are all about choosing a leader of the US, it will inevitably determine the future of the rest of us. 






From top to bottom:

First picture – This engraved stone is actually in New York;

Second picture – Our hostel in Washington – shared a room with two other strangers. Quite a nice hip hostel actually. Gone are the days of bunking around like this!

Third picture – My iski face of having the White House behind me. Actually we were bit let down with the smallness of the White House. I imagined it to be bigger and grander! 

Oh I miss travelling. The two most epic adventures for me were to New York/Washington with Zimah and to Egypt with Yus and Zimah. It was just so much fun and we got to know more of the country, I guess by travelling for a decent duration of time and going around to less touristy place and just learning more about the country without the tourist book.

I’ve been thinking on where to go since Zayan is lil bit older and less high maintenance (and more fun!). I wanna go for decent amount of time. I was thinking China since my sis in law is studying/living there at the moment. But we’ll see! Not sure if I wanna go to places with substandard hygiene with zayan in tow!

Love me!

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