Winter is here!

Post updated!

Not v excited in this change of season. It seemed like it was sunny and reasonably warm and then next thing I know, it’s dark at 7 am and I have to use my winter jacket whenever out. Where was autumn??

I’m not a fan of winter. As I keep saying to M, I’m an Equator Girl at heart (and body). Lived here for 11 years and though I’m much better at menahan sajuk, I still hate winter!

The coldness.
The darkness.
Going to work in the dark.
Going back from work in the dark.
Mushy snow.
Having to defrost car window screen.
Did I mention the coldness and darkness?

So this is my wishlist for overcoming the seasonal blues:

1. A light box!

Combatting seasonal affective disorder

2. A new winter coat

Retail therapy works, no?

3. A sports PS3 game, so I won’t use the weather to stop me from exercising.

4. Ticket to somewhere hot and sandy! Or just somewhere hot.

5. Or maybe just seeing this on Baby Z will make me smile whenever we go out.



Yesterday, I looked up to see zayan doing this. Sigh! I can predict now of his antics to come. #boys #scrapes&tumbles


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