The Commute

Phew. It’s the time of the week again, weekend weekend!

*Puts feet up* Lie back*

TV remote check
Hot cup of tea check
Digestives check
Baby asleep already check check check!

*Pulls laptop close*

So where shall we start?

Sometimes when hitting the motorway on the way to work, I feel like – what am I doing driving an hour to and then back again? Initially h
the drive feels horrendously long and tiring. Now I go on automode, go out the door, into the car and away I go, ready to save lives *snickers*

Anyway, the hour long commute brings out different things in me.

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit there and organise my thoughts, things I want or plan to do, things that worry me. I can mull stuff over without having baby occupying my personal space (baby and I have no personal space boundaries, we are ONE). Especially after a busy shift, it’s actually nice to just go on automode and go over the jobs I’ve done and make sure everything has been/was sorted. When you have a busy shift and you’re trying to sort a million and one things at the same time, your head is all over the place by the end of it.

A lot of times though I just get really bored. Especially the last 15 minutes in the motorway. Eyes get droopy, fatigue sinks in. When the car sways a little, I know it’s time to do some serious WAKE UP time. This may involve slapping my cheeks hard several times, grabbing something to eat/drink, putting car window down and letting fresh air in and singing on top of my voice (the louder and more off key, the more I entertain myself). If all else fails and I REALLY REALLY feel sleepy, I aim for the nearest service station, park there and have a snooze. This has happened a few times after a night shift. I know I’m not the only one as fellow dr commuters say they’ve done that too. When that happens, I know I can’t fight the fatigue and just lock my doors and sleep. A lot of the times I cant remember how long I’ve been asleep for. I reckon it’s usually for 15 minutes but when I wake up, I’d feel slightly disorientated but then fresher, if that makes sense.

The best thing that works for me is having snacks around. I guess the sugar kicks in plus the action of eating wakes me up. Hence having a stash of food at the gloves department! (Shh, dont tell M. Must sapu all crumbs away, bejurit! *I love you, OCD husband*)

I try not to think of the alternatives. Working closer to home … or perhaps not working at all! Cos if I think ‘ehhh all those hours I save if not commuting…I get more sleep, more time with zayan, more time to chillax at home’, that would just bring me down. So I shut those thoughts away and just look ahead at the road.

Commuting is just another world of its own. I think fellow commuters can feel for other fellow commuters. When the clock strikes 5pm, the train commuters just wanna pack up to get in time at the train station. Each minute you stay at work, you think of how much longer it may take getting stuck in the traffic jam. (Oh dont get me started on traffic jams!!) And when a fellow commuter rushes in late during morning handover, you KNOW how it feels for them. Plus how much of a battle it is to find parking in the morning!!

Ok enough rambling.

A few other things:

1. Leicester Tigers (rugby team) are going to play with THE Maori Blacks in 2 weeks time. Like in the stadium a few minutes away from our place. We MUST go, eeks!

2. Currently trying to get Zayan to sleep more by himself. Progressing well, last night he slept from 8 pm to 6 am by himself! He cried a few times but by the time I come to him, he settles himself to sleep. Please dont let this be a fluke!!!!

3. Eid Mubarak! May we constantly be blessed and protected by Allah, may our hearts be filled with contentment and peace, may we be guided always to the right path and in the year to come, help each other to do good and sway from the bad. Amin.

Love, me

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