This week in pictures

Zayan & Riaz saying hi to each other after months apart

We havent had a playdate for so long (our babies mcm buat hal saja whenever we planned a meet up). Zayan is the most insomniac baby woth the most variable sleep pattern at night. Things definitely doesnt help when I’m oncall/nights. I feel dread when evenig comes cos i know ill be on night duty, and you wont see me properly again until the next day! So Reema (Riaz’s mummy) and I ranted about how baby’s (lack of) sleep and ways to make it better. More on this on another post InsyaAllah!

It’s nice to have a mummy friend who goes through almost the same things as you. They’re a month apart,so development wise theyre close to each other. There are times when I wish I’m in Bru cos I miss having girly chats and meetups and just miss that support network. So it’s nice and good for my sanity to have a mummy friend!


Meatballs and tomato pasta. The pasta sauce looks a weird red. It may look good but actually as M said it tastes like ‘tomato water’! Ooops, forgot and didnt have time to make and put in other seasonigs other than black pepper, salt and herbs! in my defence, by the time I put baby to bed and sort some of the housechores, I only started cooking at 8.30 and M was due to be back at 9.30 ish. *quick quick must whip up meal in 1 hr* perasan dalam Masterchef*

I love making meatballs though! Fun to make. This one has milk, breadcrumbs, cheese, coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and of course minced meat in it. Put too much egg so became gooey and hard to shape. Sigh!



At the airport last weekend.

Gtg, sleep time.

Love me

Ps Results of paeds exam out: Failed. It was kinda expected (3/4 people fail on first attempt). Feel a bit down but I’m sure I can rack up semangat to belajar again and FIGHTIN’! For now I’ll just focus on finishing nights this wknd and hoping Zayan will be ok when I’m away.

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October 25, 2012 · 3:08 am

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