Parents have left today 😦 House feels empty already. Kesian, I know my parents have grown attached to Zayan and wishes they can see him more regularly. And tadi zayan was crawling around and went to the guest room and looked around, maybe wondering mana tia Nini boy and Nini girl ani. Huuuu.

Backtrack a bit.

I arrived home late kemarin from work, left the hospital an hour later than I was paid for. And with the one hour commute, finally arrived home at midnight. To the sound of Zayan’s cries. Apparently he cried inconsolably for half an hr before from a good 3 hour sleep and then when I came and picked him up, ehhh all smiles and kan bemain tia. Finally, was able to put him down at 1 am….but only to wake up at 3 am to get ready to go to Heathrow!! *rubs eyes sakit kepala*

Long story short, we didn’t come back home to Lesta until 12 pm. Long long day indeed. We ate leftover chicken wings (yes yes unhealthy greasy chicken wings – so greasy but oh so yummy) for lunch. By 3 pm, ampar berabis on the living room floor all 3 of us. And of course, everyone had a nap except moi as zayan kept waking up every so often. And when I finally drifted off, tebangun tia for good! As M and I were exhausted, we didnt know what to make for dinner. To do anything more than lounging around was too much of an effort, let alone making a decent meal. Kesian M – “makan maggi saja tonight”.

Thinking back of how I went all ‘we need to eat more healthily!’ a few days ago, I was determined to make something super quick and easy.

So today’s meal – Grilled salmon and stir fry vegs. The marinade: soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger and chilli flakes. Put on top of salmon and used it to stir fry vegs as well. RESULT!

hmmm sounds like someone’s cryingggggg from his sleep!

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