Buka kadai

Following my recent IG’s pics about nursing cover and fabrics and all, there seems to be a number of people interested in getting one. I am more than happy to make more – with a price 🙂 Cos kain sini mahal yo (but oh so pretty!!).


To reiterate:
For small size, which I use, it’s size is about 38 x 20 inches, costing BND $18.
For large size, size 38 x 26 inches, costs BND$ 26.


As I said in my IG post, I’ll give it half price for the first 3 people who wants it. So that goes to: Icham, Nisa, Fadlina … and because Sab was the one who ignited and fuelled the fire to this, for Sab as well 🙂

At the moment, I have three kain samples:

1. Black and white floral – classy and simple. Matches anything we wear and any occasions. LOL mesti jua nursing cover fit the occasion!

2. Pastel pink and cream polka dot – so cute and pretty. If I ever am gonna have a girl, I’d love to have this for myself!

3. Green with blue, cream and pink ovals – Think this can go whether you have (or gonna have) a baby boy or girl! Fun, upbeat pattern.


For the kind ladies stated above, please state which one you want. For the black and white floral, I have 2 of those. The first person to comment here will get what she wants.

However, if you want a different colour/pattern, you can go to Amy Butler’s website to choose. Amy Butler’s fabrics I buy my fabrics from John Lewis (toldja posh!) so they dont have ALL Amy Butler’s fabrics but they do have an extensive options of her fabrics to choose from. Check out her website and give me links of which fabrics you like. Please give me a few preferred options as JL may not have the fabric you want in a ‘this is the one i like best’ order.

Tips on choosing:
1. I know, I know rambang mata meliat all the fabrics. So many pretty ones to choose from! But as it’s a nursing cover, choose the pattern which you think will look good (and perhaps if you want, discreet) on you as if you’re wearing a shorter version of an apron. Sometimes I want to choose the ones with big flowers or big patterns but actually if cut out like a short apron, the patterns doesn’t show up well, if that makes sense.

2. My personal favourites are soul blossom, cameo and Lark!

Disclaimer: The price might go up if you happen to choose a more expensive fabric – cos yknow sod’s law says yang tani paling suka atu tah yang paling mahal.

Let me know as soon as you can if you want a different fabric as I’m off next few days and can go crazy again at the haberdashery department.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

Lotsa love,

PS To Nisa, I think it’s only fair if I’ll make one for you full price and the second one half price, ok?


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3 responses to “Buka kadai

  1. Fadlina

    Yays! Ill have the green oval one in big size please. Let me know details and methods of payment 🙂 xx

    • Ok green and oval for fad! and black and white for sab! (Dunno why there’s a lot of exclamations, too excited heheh)

      Haha, what I meant was whoever states which kain they want first, they’ll get it. so for eg if fad wants green oval ones, you can’t choose that one as well. So choosing the black and white is fine! Do I have you on fb? We need to talk shop at some point 😉

      PS Sab – what is up with these baby boys wanting feed all the time at night!

  2. Sabrina

    Ohhh since fad commented first, does that mean i cant tell u which one i want? Im confused. Sorry fiz. Its 11pm here and zaf has woken up at least 3 times to feed. Er.. But if i do get to choose, can i have the black and white floral one…? 🙂

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