The flow

Back to my sewing machine today! First must sapu habuk2 yang bertakhta on my sewing machine.

I cant sew when zayan is around. Cos he gets intrigued with the bunyi2 ‘Rrrrrrrrrrrr’ and so wont leave me alone. And when he’s asleep, I just wanna lie down too haha!

But I had to finish the nursing cover intended for new rnb mummy Kiki. My deadline is by friday as the parentals are going back this wknd.


As I got going, I went into ‘In the zone’ mode. You know when you get focused into a particular activity/task and your mind just gets blank or into another world and shuts off all your concerns/worries/thoughts. This is what psychologists or the likes call ‘the flow’ There are in fact books talking about ‘the flow’ cos apparently if you’re regularly exposing yourself to be in activities that induces ‘the flow’, this leads to you being more happy. I guess my flow would be when jogging, baking and sewing.

Except I seemed to keep getting my threads and stitches wrong and I had to redo them. Eventually though I was in the zone or flow or whatever. And start tia fantasising doing this full time. Having my own sewing studio, with proper huge cutting boards and rolls and rolls of pretty kain and my table will be facing window with great scenery – not the audio and visuals of construction work that’s present outside my window currently (but this time the construction people didnt annoy me cos i’m in THE ZONE). Back to fantasy – the room would be bright and wide spaced and light will enter the room through ceiling to floor windows cos yknow natural lighting is the best for creative artistic stuff-making activities.

Bah adangtah angan2.

*lands back on planet reality*

I gotta sleep!

Made a cushion cover too as I was on a roll. It must be the easiest sewing project I’ve done!


Love me

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October 17, 2012 · 10:05 pm

One response to “The flow

  1. fadlina

    are you selling?

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