Date night #4

Last night was date night. Mostly because it would be the only time we can go out with a free babysitter (my parents – theyre going back this sat, boo!).

Decided on going to yo sushi cos I’ve been mentioning sushi repeatedly but we never got to go.

To make it more of a ‘date’, I wore a nice (black) dress, nice flower brooch and donned some lipstick. I could have made more effort but envisioned I’d be too lazy to wash off the makeup when we get home. But making an effort I did.

M decided to use his car, and I went all giddy going “like a REAL date!”. He didnt get it and I explained how my car is more like a family car and has the baby seat and all the stains baby was responsible for. Whereas his is a cool black mazda and we rarely use it together. “So its like your bf’s picking you up on a date?” he asked rather mockingly. Yes!! (it doesnt take much to make me giddy it seems)
We got to HighCross (local shopping mall) and there were loadssss of people. Turned out that it would be ‘ Student takeover’ night where basically the mall is all for students from 8.30-11.30 pm with lotsa discounts.

But everywhere else was busy too – the cinema, the restaurants. The town was a-buzzing. We were like two kids let out to wander at night, mouth gaping, eyes wide if we havent controlled it well and played it cool.

Whilst looking out for sushi dishes, I made a count of how many times we’ve been out at night without baby. Total count: 3. 3 dates in last 10 months. So basically every 3 months. (This is a reason to have a maid!)

But anyway we had a great time. Just chillin’ and talking. It may be the one time I dont feel (too) bad for leaving baby and actually have a good time without the guilt!


And topped off the night at a cafe that we eyed a few months ago but couldnt go in cos baby needed to go home for bedtime. Love the place! Very comfy with nice cakes and icecreams AND its open in the evening! Like thank youuu – not everyone wants to go to clubs and pubs!

We don’t know how to act in public at night anymore!

Love me

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